PRETTY NEUKÖLLN. belong to where you are.
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Join us at Obst und Gümuse for a summer treat. 
There will be second hand clothes for sale with low € and a selection of clothes in a for swaps with no €.
The beautiful design pieces from the shop with be available as usual, so come check them out.
Some beers.
Some music.
Good vibes.
Come and join in, we are looking forward to our paths crossing more.
Wed 23 July | 17-22hr | Weserstr. 56
Last night’s moon on Karl-Marx-Str. 
Looking forward to tonights.
Photo: Victoria Gisborne-Land
35 Practical Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution


On Facebook, a friend recently linked to an article called 20 Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution. Although he liked the list, he (correctly) noted that most of the suggestions were quite academic.*

His comments have prompted me to create a list of more practical tools. Most…

Brace yourself. Everybody who is not at Fusion will be exploring the streets of 48 Stunden Neukölln. 
Pick up a paper. Look for the tape. Ready yourself. 
June 27 – 29 across the keiz. Stay tuned for our picks…
Well done Germany. 
There is a TV in that black hole. Great place to watch. Späti beers and good atmosphere. Bring your own chair!
Pink NK.
From a wonderful blog things—i—see.
4th floor view from Neukölln Arcaden car park.
Photo: Tim Eve 
Happy to know Tempelhof won!

Sonnenallee 110 | Sat 24 & Sun 25 | 10hr