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Nowkoelln Flowmarkt tomorrow!
Sun 19 Oct | 10-17.30Uhr | Maybachufer 39-50
Photo: Mette Muhli
Come over to Obst und Gemüse tonight. 
Xani Kennedy has an exhibition of her illustrations.
"I caught a glimpse of a wish, gently floating away along the grey cement.Wicker fingers cradling throat notes, socks slightly odd way. Floor hair stuck fast between pruned toes, blackened lash. Lackluster conversations carried, as did the infinite echo of eyelids blinking.Chalked corpse on the pavement, crusted digits.When crumbling fingers fist into Winters dust, high ten.Hopscotch hands clapping, feet dapper, count together.A chorus of future memories nagging at the now.”
Enjoy a beer and see some poetic drawings. 
Weserstr. 56 | 19hr | fb

A wikipedia find.
Border crossing at Sonnenallee, 1964

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-C0104-0010-001, Berlin, Grenzübergang Sonnenallee, West-Berliner BesucherCC-BY-SA-3.0-de
Stöhr - This image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv) as part of a cooperation project. The German Federal Archive guarantees an authentic representation only using the originals (negative and/or positive), resp. the digitalization of the originals as provided by the Digital Image Archive.

For documentary purposes the German Federal Archive often retained the original image captions, which may be erroneous, biased, obsolete or politically extreme. Zentralbild Stöhr Ga-Qu 4.1.1964 Starker Andrang von Besuchern aus Westberlin an der Übergangsstelle Sonnenallee UBz. Schnell und korrekt werden die Personenkraftwagen auf 5 Fahrbahnen abgefertigt. ( 2 tlg. Panorama )
*** GIVE AWAY ***Coming up on Thursday: Home is where your stereo playsbrings Nïer & Shitwolf to Alter Roter Löwe Rein.We have 2 spots on the free guestlist to giveaway to the night. Email us for your chance to win! 
Thu 9 Sept | Alter Roter Löwe Rein, Richardstr. 31 | 2045hr | Donation: 3-6€ | fb
Window of spikes. 

Party party birthday party!
Total favorite Heatsick plays tonight at Chesters.
Join us on the dance floor.
We heard about the special guest too… excited. 
Sat 27 Sept. | 23Uhr | Chesters, Glogauerstr. 2 | fb
All the treats for purchase at our local flohmarkt.
Mon - Fri 10-18hr | Richardstr. 105
Check it! 
Torn Hawk doing very nice things, alongside more niceness from Jahiliyya Fields this Friday.
Info on poster durr.
Poster: Natalia Portnoy Daszkiewicz
Fri 26 Sept | 21Uhr | Westgermany, Skalitzer Straße 133. 
Hello Berlin Art Week, oh the beast that you are.  Time to venture out and about across the city to see some things.
abc opens this afternoon. Easy to get a good fill here. Follow them on tumblr for highlights to look out for.
The map on Berlin Art Week’s site is pretty useful. 
Over the week we are going to try and check out:
Positions Berlin
PROFIT | PROPHET at team titanic
Sara Ludy – Place + Poetry readings with Keith J. Varadi and Mai Ueda (Fri)
Closer to Gaza
Peres Projects - Power Lunch
And… we know there is more… enjoy…
Also get them on insta.